HDFC Bank share price target 2024-2025-2030

Discover HDFC Bank’s future share price target 2024 -2025-2030. We’ll also explain its past growth rates, safety as an investment, and recent financial performance. Get insights to make informed investment decisions.


HDFC Bank, also known as Housing Development Finance Corporation Bank, stands as a prominent player in the Indian banking and financial services sector. Established in August 1994, the company has its present headquarters situated in Mumbai. Boasting a rich history spanning nearly three decades, HDFC Bank holds the top position among private sector banks in India based on its assets. It is often regarded as a modern, new-generation private sector bank, offering a comprehensive suite of banking services.

HDFC Bank share price target 2024-2025-2030

HDFC Bank provides a wide array of financial services, encompassing both commercial and investment banking as well as transactional and branch banking. In essence, HDFC Bank caters to both wholesale and retail banking needs. The bank has a substantial presence through various branches, both within India and internationally. It operates two wholesale banking branches in Bahrain and Hong Kong, along with three representative offices in Abu Dhabi, Kenya, and the UAE. As of June 2019, HDFC Bank boasted a vast distribution network, featuring over 5,000 branches spanning across 2,764 cities.

Here are some of the key areas of HDFC Bank’s services:

  1. Wholesale and Corporate Banking: HDFC Bank offers a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to the needs of corporate and wholesale clients.
  2. Retail Banking: The bank caters to the banking requirements of individual customers through its extensive retail banking services.
  3. Treasury: HDFC Bank is actively engaged in treasury operations, managing financial assets and liabilities efficiently.
  4. Consumer Loans: The bank provides various types of consumer loans, including durable loans and lifestyle loans, to meet the financial needs of individuals.
  5. Credit Cards: HDFC Bank issues credit cards, offering a range of benefits and features to its cardholders.
  6. Digital Product Services: The bank offers digital products and services such as Payzapp and SmartBuy to enhance customer convenience and engagement.

The origins of HDFC Bank can be traced back to August 1994 when it was established as a subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation, primarily focused on providing housing loan facilities. Today, its operational headquarters are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, where it operates a full-service branch.

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Market Cap1,245,354
Shares in Float757.56
Number of Funds2,581
Book Value3.27
U/D Vol Ratio0.8
Long-Term Debt/Equity74

HDFC Bank share price target 2024-2025-2030

HDFC Bank Share Price Targets (2024)

MonthMaximum Price (₹)Minimum Price (₹)

HDFC Bank Share Price Targets (2025)

MonthMaximum Price (₹)Minimum Price (₹)

share price predictions for HDFC Bank for the years 2026 to 2030:

HDFC Bank Share Price Predictions (2026 to 2030)

YearMaximum Price (₹)Minimum Price (₹)
HDFC Bank’s share price is anticipated to follow a dynamic trajectory in the coming years. In 2024, the bank’s shares are projected to reach a maximum target of ₹3,128.72 in December, while the minimum target is expected to be ₹1,621.33 in May, reflecting potential fluctuations throughout the year but generally staying above ₹2,000. Moving into 2025, a more optimistic outlook prevails, with a maximum target of ₹3,795.18 by December. Looking further ahead, from 2026 to 2030, the share price predictions indicate some variability, with the possibility of reaching a peak of ₹8,349.41 in 2029 before eventually settling at ₹9,298.20 by the end of 2030. These projections are indicative and subject to market conditions and various factors influencing stock prices.

FAQ on HDFC Bank share price target 2024-2025-2030

FAQ: Investing in HDFC Bank

1. What is the CAGR of HDFC Bank?

  • HDFC Bank has shown consistent growth over various time frames. Its Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) stands at 22% for the past 10 years, 21% for the past 5 years, 15% for the past 3 years, and 9% for the past 1 year. These growth rates reflect the bank’s ability to generate returns for investors over different time horizons.

2. Is investing in HDFC Bank safe?

  • HDFC Bank is considered a relatively safe investment option in the banking sector. It has a strong track record of financial stability and growth. The bank’s operating revenue, pre-tax margin, and Return on Equity (ROE) of 27%, 15%, and 15%, respectively, are indicative of its sound financial health. However, like all investments, there are risks associated with investing in stocks, and it’s essential for investors to conduct thorough research and consider their financial goals and risk tolerance before investing in any stock, including HDFC Bank.

3. What are HDFC Bank’s recent financial performance indicators?

  • On a trailing 12-month basis, HDFC Bank has reported an operating revenue of INR 161,118.21 Crores. While the annual revenue growth of 6% may not be particularly impressive, the bank’s pre-tax margin of 27% demonstrates efficient operations, and the Return on Equity (ROE) of 15% indicates that it is generating a satisfactory return on shareholders’ equity. These financial performance indicators reflect HDFC Bank’s ability to maintain profitability and manage risk effectively.

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